Curbside pickup tulip bulbs

After you read the info below and watch the videos, you can purchase bulbs by clicking on this link

Final Pickup days July 23rd, 24th & 25th at our Johnston Location.

Hours 9 am-1 pm

Snake Den Farm: 90 Brown Ave. Johnston RI 02919

*Use the address above for directions NOT our name Wicked Tulips, otherwise you will end up in Exeter RI. 

We are excited to offer you our raw and unprocessed bulbs at a wicked discount. You will experience what it’s like to propagate your own bulbs aka learn how to be a tulip farmer.  These bulbs need to be divided and stored until planting time. You will sort them by size and discard any soggy/diseased bulbs. We expect that you are going to have a stunning tulip display next spring, but we just want to be clear that these Rhode Island grown bulbs, unlike the Dutch grown bulbs which are shipped out in the fall, are not all guaranteed to bloom. This is because you receive clumps of bulbs that include large bulbs and bulbs which are too small to bloom the first year. These smaller bulbs are the bulbs tulip farmers use as their planting stock and produce only leaves. We also do not guarantee the blooms because you are responsible for being the “tulip farmer” and preparing and storing your bulbs in preparation for fall planting. We will teach you best practices to  help you plant a beautiful spring garden. If this doesn't sound fun to you then our Dutch bulbs are the better choice. Gardening is a labor of love and we think being part of the process including the wins and loses is part of the fun and how we learn.  


If you prefer our Dutch imported bulbs, visit our online store at, we ship them to you  in the Fall. 

Why do these bulbs look different than the ones I have bought in the store or have received from you in the past? These bulbs are raw unprocessed bulbs, harvested from our farm in RI. The bulbs you have bought from us in the past are Dutch imported bulbs which have been divided, peeled and cleaned for you. 

How to care for the bulbs you pickup. 

Step 1. Divide- separate the bulbs as you would garlic gloves. The bulbs that are at least the size of a half dollar should be big enough to produce a flower next spring.

Step 2. Take off the old roots.

Step 3. Separate the bulbs per size approximately. Smaller bulbs will not flower the first year and will only produce leaves.You can either discard them or plant them in the fall. (preferably in a separate area to make it easier to harvest next summer) You can then dig them up again and follow the same process next summer. Some of the small bulbs should have grown big enough to  produce a flower the next Spring.

Step 4. Storage: Store them in a well ventilated container/bag/box, out of direct sunlight, between 65 and 80 degrees until the fall. Do not keep them in an uninstalled shed or garage where it gets very hot. Besides temperature, the bulbs need some air, don't put them in a closed off plastic bag!  A large open paper bag/box works great. Be aware mice and other critters will like to snack on the bulbs. 

Step 5. Plant them! The best is to wait until the fall and plant when the soil temperature is below 55 degrees.  If you are afraid you might forget to plant your bulbs in the fall, it is worth a try to plant them now, but be aware that if you irrigate your garden they can rot and critters have more of a chance of eating them. We suggest setting a reminder on your phone or calendar to remind you to plant in the fall.